dollar-213619We have all seen those ads on the net about making money online… haven’t you?

You may have even signed up for an email subscription on one of these ‘make money for nothing using just 5 minutes per day’ sites that has resulted in filling your email account with daily (or more frequent) emails spruiking the next big thing (e.g.: spam) for months.    Trying to get off these lists seems harder than hard.

Nobody likes this type of blatant spam and money making (scamming) attempts by these seedier types.

There ARE some great Internet Marketing sites/gurus that can help you to make money online.  The difficulty is finding the good amongst all the charlatans or money-hungry gurus who really don’t care about the people they have sold their product to.

I’m going to share with you my experiences with various “trainers”, but first I want to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.  The team here have been the best I’ve ever experienced in terms of great training, a supportive community and real results for my online business. Please click the link below.  You’ll be introduced to a FREE training platform where you’ll get TWO FREE websites where you can start your online business.

Starting an online business isn’t HARD.  It’s a PROCESS.  There are many steps that you need to work through to understand how the internet/marketing works.  Wealthy Affiliate is astonishing in teaching you all of these steps WHILE you start up your website, build up your business, get support from the 200K plus people in the W.A. community, and learn all you need to know about setting up an online money making website.

This Page is Under Construction.. only because I’m still under instruction (training) from Wealthy Affiliate University.  So far, I recommend the experience and the training as exemplary.  The ethics of Kyle and Carson (the founders) are exemplary, and this comes across in their training.  These are not people trying to teach you how to scam an email list of subscribers… they’re teaching you how to really give value to your visitors online, and how to leave the internet a better place.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work in 2017?

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work in 2014There is certainly no shortage of Affiliate Marketers pitching their offers to their website visitors, in social media and to their email lists. But does affiliate marketing still work for affiliates in 2017?  If it does, why does it.  And if it doesn’t, what does? Read More…

How to Become an Authority Blogger – I felt like a fraud

How to Become an Authority BloggerI felt like an online fraud with my myriad of websites. I wanted to be an authority blogger. Did I really know how to become an authority blogger? Not really. I read widely and took advice from Gurus and forums. I got caught up in the hype and empty promises made by the money making websites – you know the type… Get your website fully automated and make $5000 overnight. I got sucked in .  Read More…

Are YOU Making Making The Internet a Better Place?

Are You Making the Internet a Better PlaceHave you got your own website? Do you Facebook? Are you actively participating in conversations on Internet forums or Twitter? Are you making lists or Pinterest pins? Do you upload photos to SnapChat or InstaGram or any of the myriad sharing sites? Stop for a minute and assess your Internet presence – Are you making the Internet a better place? Read More…

Stampy Cat – An Example of How to Make Money Online

Stampy Cat - An Example of How to Make Money OnlineMy son is five years old and completely addicted to Youtube. He doesn’t have his own console game yet, like an X-box, but he plays Minecraft Xbox games (all day long, if he had his way) by watching his favorite Youtube channel. Stampy Longhead is the Channel. Stampy Longnose or Stampy Cat, is his character in Minecraft. The videos he makes show a players-eye view of 20+ minutes of playing the game.
So how does he make money online with Youtube videos? Read More…

Make Money Online – The Lure Of Easy Money

Make Money Online – The Lure Of Easy Money

Have you ever read a website that claims you can make money online? Have you ever been hooked by the tantalizing lure of easy money?

Why do people fall for the claims of “make money fast and effortlessly“? We’re all looking for a better life, for things to improve in our situations. I don’t care if you’re a billionaire or homeless, or a comfortable middle-class family man – we all have things in our lives that we wish to change.. Read More…

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Making Plans and Setting Goals for Your Brightest Future

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