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10 Tips To Make Today More Meaningful

I joined a new subscription website this morning. It’s a bit like Quora. You select topics you’re interested in, you follow a few people and they fill your news feed with interesting stuff from other people. Why would I need another news feed, you may ask? Don’t I get enough email notifications already? They say […]

Injecting Personality and Personal Information on Your Blog While Preserving Your Privacy

  How do you get people to “get you”, to understand, like and trust you? If you’re like me, you’ll want to know a bit about the bloggers that you place your trust in. As a blogger, you will need to make decisions about how much of your personal life you want to share on your […]

Interview with Zig Ziglar on Attitude and Achieving Your Goals

Have you heard of the legendary Zig Ziglar? Here is an interview with Zig Ziglar on Setting and Achieving your Goals and the importance of Attitude, in which he talks about how your attitude shapes the results you achieve in your life. Perhaps you’ve noticed in your own life, that when you’re down, you drag […]