Stop Now – Take a break away from your procrastinating

By | November 15, 2011

1386958356-get-done-35-habits-most-productive-people-infographicYou know those people who get so much done it seems like they have 30 hours in every day while the rest of us mere mortals have a measly 24? You know, the ones who seem to get more accomplished before breakfast than you do all day?

You can actually become one of them. For starters, spend one minute replying to each email – max — and don’t feel compelled to respond to everything. Also, take a play from Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg and wear the same thing every day. It saves time that you spend trying on different outfits every day, says Anna Vital, the co-founder of the San Francisco-based startup organization Funders and Founders who compiled the tips and made the infographic below.

Take a break from your procrastinating and check out the infographic above.

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5 thoughts on “Stop Now – Take a break away from your procrastinating

  1. Chris

    Hey Sandi,

    Great article and infographic. A lot of helpful tips that I need to apply to my own life. Considering making it my wallpaper so it really sinks in.

    Apparently I procrastinate even more than I realized. I could definitely use 30 hours in a day. At the least make the 24 I have count.

    1. admin

      Hi Chris, what a great idea to make that infographic your wallpaper! I just got a new iPhone and haven’t picked a wallpaper yet, so there’ll be two of us with that mind map as wallpaper. I think it was on your website that I saw some great ideas for solving the procrastination problem.Funny how we can give great advice, but fail to follow it ourselves lol. Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for your great research on free royalty free images.

  2. Ainura

    very useful infografic! i’ve seen it a while ago and saved it on my phone so that i always can refer to it when i need.

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