Stampy Longnose, Stampy Cat, Stampy Longhead – An example of how to make money online

By | June 6, 2012

YoutubeMy son is five years old and completely addicted to Youtube. He doesn’t have his own console game yet, like an X-box, but he plays Minecraft Xbox games (all day long, if he had his way) by watching his favorite Youtube channel. Stampy Longhead is the Channel. Stampy Longnose or Stampy Cat, is his character in Minecraft. The videos he makes show a players-eye view of 20+ minutes of playing the game.

So how does he make money online with Youtube videos?

Advertising. Not his own, he doesn’t need to advertise. The advertisers with their annoying ads that pop up at the beginning of Youtube videos pay Stampy. I don’t get how its a profitable business model for the advertisers, and I “skip” every ad shown to me, but I guess it must work, else this form of marketing wouldn’t exist. Stampy makes money for every ad that is shown on his videos. It’s a tiny sum. Some say it’s as little as $7 (3 English Pounds) per 1000 views of an ad. Google gets half of that.

Spend a few minutes jumping from one Stampy video to the next and you’ll see about 3 ads in every 10. Using this number, users would have to screen Stampy’s videos 3000 times to earn him that $7.

There are hundreds of videos on Stampy Longhead’s channel. Most of Stampy’s videos have had 3+ million views. Many. Most. You do the math:

3 million views
= 10000 ad blocks of 1000 ads
@ $7 per block
= $70000
Half to Google
Half to Stampy.

For one video.

Remember, I said he has hundreds of videos on his channel. I estimate he could have earned around $7 million since 2012, just by sitting in his studio playing Minecraft (and other Xbox games). calculates that, as of today June 6 2014, he has 998 videos and 1,175,419,352 YouTube views. That’s 1.1 BILLION views. A third of which could be showing an ad which earns Stampy (and Google) money. 152 million monthly views. Are you starting to see how lucrative his business model is?

I often wondered why National Geographic channel put so many videos on Youtube every day. That’s because the videos, combined, reap them 1 million views a day. If they monetized just 3 ads per 10 as Stampy does, that’s a nice little $3333.00 per day. National Geographic Channel seems to monetize almost 100% of their videos. So let’s predict that’s $10000.00 a day for having an active Youtube channel that people enjoy watching and advertisers are clambering all over each other to get their ads on.

Stampy Longnose is really Joseph Garrett the famous YouTuber. On Thursday he uploaded his 200th video in his ‘lovely world’ (a Minecraft world in Xbox). He has 2,896,461 subscribers and 998 videos currently on his channel. His friends from his minecraft videos have also used Youtube – iBallistic Squid and Stampy’s sister are also publishing videos of their Minecraft exploits. What’s so interesting about Minecraft?

If you’re a young person, it can be one of the most important things in your life! Take the day when Google made thousands of children cry. Certainly my son would have been devastated if he’d been following Stampy back in December 2013.  Stampy has made himself a brand, insinuated himself into these young people’s lives, and he respectfully provides them a channel which is fun, child-friendly and thoroughly enjoyable.

So what can we learn from Stampy Longhead? And what can we learn from YouTube?

Have a look around Youtube.

Do a search for some random subjects that interest you and do a quick count of the number of views on the videos that come on first page.

Here’s the results I got for the 10 videos on Page 1 results:
Why Do Karate: 4 million views
How to Cook Steak: 6.7 million views
How to beat Flappy Bird: 65 million views
Rescued Dogs Before and After: 34 million views
Wordpress Tutorial for Beginners: 6.4 million views
Loom Bands: 47 million views
How to Apply False Eyelashes: 12.5 million views
Yarn Bombing: 1.5 million views
My Horoscope: 11 million views on just one video
how to curl your hair with a straightener: 24.6 million views
Make Money Online: 2.5 million views (I can understand that – I’d be avoiding watching the videos for that search term)
Minecraft Xbox 17.5 million (4 of the top 10 are Stampy’s)
Scrapbooking 2 million views
How To Yodel: 6.7 million views

Stampy Cat and the YouTubers on the search result pages above are just some of the amazing examples of how to make money online. it’s all about finding something you do well (or know about or are interested in finding out about), that other people are interested in, and putting yourself online to talk about this thing that people are interested in reading about or want answers to. That’s really all there is to making money online. It’s a simple recipe that you follow.

Simple! If you know how.

With over 30 million visitors each day, YouTube can be an awesome digital asset to have for your online business. Video is a very powerful way to help bring your message to the eyes of the masses, but ranking videos in YouTube can be very challenging, so you’ll need to know how to do this. You’ll need someone to teach you how.

Youtube videos are however, just one ingredient in the recipe for making money online.

So how does one find out the full recipe for how to make money writing or talking about something you know about and getting your message out there online? There are millions of websites that will give you tid-bits of information. You could spend/waste so much time trying to pull it all together. What’s really necessary is one place which you can trust, which will guide you along the way and help you to get started in your online marketing journey.

Once you get interested in the idea of making money online, you will quickly become overwhelmed with the contradictory information online. You will find people recommending software and training programs and clever tricks in SEO, ranking, themes, plugins, PLR, auto-responders, email lists… the list goes on.

But where do you start? And who can you trust?

I have experience in being exactly where you are today! I remember exactly how overwhelmed I became, desperately wanting to find the right recipe, but jumping from product to product, buying every WSO that sounded promising, becoming more and more disheartened by the world of internet marketing and believing that making money online meant scamming people into buying products. This is NOT TRUE.

The Youtube video results above prove that you can make a video that helps people, and get paid to do so. You can also make a website that helps people and get paid.

Start here with two free websites.

At Wealthy Affiliate University, I found the recipe and the people I could trust. I found the guidance and support that I needed to stop jumping from method to method, to stop suffering from “Shiny Object Syndrome”. I recommend you give them a try. With your free starter membership, you get access to the first 10 lessons in online entrepreneurship and you get two free websites to start your internet marketing journey.

If you’ve been trying for any length of time to get into Internet Marketing, you will be very pleasantly surprised when you get to Wealthy Affiliate. The founders, Kyle and Carson will welcome you personally, and help you along your journey. There are hundreds of thousands of members, many who go out of their way to answer your queries and help you on your journey. This place is unlike any Internet training program you’ll have ever tried.

And if you’re aspiring to be like Stampy Cat, and build an internet presence as viral as his, you’ll need a support structure behind you.

Do you think Joe Garrett spends his entire life playing Xbox?  Probably not. He spends 10 hours a day working on his business. He needs a business support structure in place to be able to turn his “fun” into a lucrative money-making enterprise. If you want to find out how you can start your journey toward your own internet business, take a look at Wealthy Affiliate for guidance and support.

And watch out for the googlies…

Most of us are not going to be Internet Heroes like Joseph Garrett. But it’s wonderful to see that it’s possible.

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  1. Cindy

    Who knew? I always skip the ads so I can get right to the information I was seeking. From what you say, a lot of people do watch the ads and this generates money. I think about the presentation of some YouTube videos: clarity of information, environment in which the video is shot, and instructor’s comfortable level. Add in camera and sound equipment. Start up costs would be considerable. If I could afford this, had an appropriate environment in which to make my presentation, it looks like it would be worth it in the long run. Looking down the road, a year from now…

  2. Latrice

    I had no idea that ads on YouTube were that lucrative! That is incredible. Of course you would need quality videos and following to get to those numbers but it definitely adds up in the end. Nice post!

    1. Sandi

      Hi Latrice, You should definitely be putting yourself out on Youtube. Yours is the kind of niche that could truly reap big traffic numbers on a Youtube channel. Most young girls will be interested in what you have to say. Just start. Your first videos can be as simply as sitting in front of the iPad reading your latest post. Just start!

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    Can I simply say what a relief to uncover an individual who actually knows what they are discussing on the internet.
    You definitely know how to bring a breath of fresh air to the internet. I’m really intrigued about how successful Stampy is, and I’m grateful to you for also giving readers some information on how they could also be making money online. We can’t all spend our days playing video games, can we.


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