Special Valentine Day Ideas – Valentine Day Plans for Him or Her in 2017

By | January 23, 2017

What is your plan for Valentine Day 2017?

Do you plan to make a plan for Valentine Day this year?

The next big goal on your list of 2017 may be to make Valentine’s day a truly special day for your partner. I’m getting in early with this post (although I’ve started to hear advertising on the radio and seeing ads in the newspaper and online, so obviously I’m not too early).DSCN0025

If you’ve had a look around this website, you’ll know I love a list and an action plan.  So, with Valentine’s day fast approaching, now is the time to start planning.  Your goal might be to have a romantic Valentine’s Day or a fun Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of what stage you’re at in your relationship with your Valentine, it’s important to put in a little effort on this day.  Your Valentine will want to know that you have considered his or her thoughts and feelings.

I’m not saying you must do something special with your Valentine or that you must buy a great gift for Valentine’s day on 14 February this year.  You may decide together that it is not important to you to spend a lot of money on each other.  You may not like the commercialism that arises because of the event.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for marketers to go berserk trying to convince you to hop onto their product. Just remember when you’re reading or viewing advertising, these marketers are trying to appeal to your guilt.  They will try to convince you that you absolutely MUST do Valentines Day in such-and-such a way, because otherwise you’ll be letting your Valentine down!

Learn to read between the lines.  

Most importantly, if you feel that you don’t want to do something on Valentine’s Day, it’s important that you talk about it in advance with your Valentine.  You don’t want to surprise him or her on the day with a big fat nothing.

At the other end of the spectrum – perhaps you even plan to propose on Valentine’s Day?  Wow!

Maybe you’re just looking for some ideas for cheap and inexpensive presents and things to do on this special day. Read on as we dive in.

The Marketing Hype Behind Valentine’s Day

I don’t want you to get caught up in all the hype of the day: the massive spending and marketing frenzy that is associated with this event.  Perhaps you can take a step back and start thinking about some truly special Valentine Day ideas. After all you want to make this day about your love for your partner, not about how big a hole you can create in your wallet.  So, let’s explore some Valentine Day Plans for Him or Her.

Romantic Valentine Day Ideas – The man’s story.


Most male partners and boyfriends look forward to Valentine’s day with sheer dread. The media hype that surrounds the day beats his girlfriends heart into a frenzy of planning the perfect present and the perfect day.  With all of the effort she’s putting in, she expects nothing short of perfect from you.  There are plenty of things you can do to make it a romantic day.

Here’s a few romantic things to do on Valentine’s day that she might do for you – and which you may (or may not) be able to reciprocate:

  • Send a sexy picture of yourself by phone (if you’re ripped, she’ll love it, but if the only ‘gym’ you know is your Uncle Jim from Alabama, perhaps no photo this year.  Make it a goal for next year, hey?)
  • Exchange some sweet text messages.  Send one “kiss”, then two, then three…. keep it up till it gets annoying 🙂
  • Give her a foot massage or a full body massage.  Don’t forget to warm your hands and the oil.  Dim the lights, light some candles and put some beautiful relaxing music on.  Sade, anyone?

Cheap Valentine Date Ideas

Just because you’re living on a budget doesn’t mean you’re cheap.  It’s still possible to have a wonderful Valentine day, filled with special moments and give beautiful heartfelt gifts without breaking the bank.

  • Pack a picnic and take her to a small, intimate park (or an expansive glorious outlook) where you can lay down the picnic blanket, enjoy a glass of champagne and each other’s company.   You might like to add some glorious food to spoil yourselves (how does this sound?  Crayfish, oyster shooters, rare roast beef, champagne with strawberries, smoked salmon, chunky home-made avocado salsa, duck al’orange pate, crusty bread and butter, spinach leaves with blue cheese dressing, deviled eggs (I know, you thought these went out in the 70s, but they’re making a comeback), oh, somebody stop me – I’m getting a little carried away.  Tummy is rumbling now.
  • Hide a sweet little present in the picnic basket.  Have a plan for when and how you’re going to bring it out to gift it to your Valentine.  If it’s Jewelry, could it fit into the Champagne Flute?
  • If you live together, think about booking a special night’s accommodation out at a city hotel.  Take in the night life of your town and explore the lane ways and night-spots.


Valentine Day Plans for Him

Here’s some ideas to romance your Valentine that don’t cost much but may be a truly special addition to the day.

    • Take a late night (or daytime) stroll, holding hands (or if you’re in New Jersey this year, that might risk frost bite, so might not be the best idea).  Take a camera with you and photograph her in portrait poses in unique locations with interesting backdrops.
    • Call her mother and say thank you for bringing up such a wonderful girl.  Let her mum know that you think her daughter is the most special person in your life. Mom will get straight on the phone to her.  Kudos!!
    • Scatter rose petals on the bed – and they don’t have to be red.  But you should know what emotions each color represents – you’ll be surprised how many women know that a yellow rose could mean that you are needy, you see her more as a friend than a lover, or you’re apologizing, possibly planning on moving to a new girl soon.  (Apologies to any yellow rose lovers out there. Don’t get me wrong – yellow roses are a magnificent expression of platonic love, but it’s Valentine’s Day and we want to put a spark of romance into the day, hey?)

Here are some fun valentine day ideas

  • Book a session at the local laser skirmish?  If your partner would get a thrill out of this, why not?  You might be surprised how much you both might enjoy this crazy activity.
  • A trip to the local Ice-Skating rink will bring back memories of your geeky early teens and it may remind you of the sheer joy of spending time holding hands joyously sliding around the rink.  What a wonderful way to spend some time together (unless like me, you spend most of your rink time on your butt)!file3741279065462

Valentine day gift him / Valentine day gift her

Here are some tried and true gift ideas for your Valentine.

    • Flowers are a bit passe, not to mention, they are at their most expensive on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Unless you just got a raise or a promotion, flowers don’t have to be the hero of the day.  After all, she’s not really going to want you to blow $150 on a half dozen roses, when something with a bit of bling could be purchased for the same price and last a lot longer. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get flowers – I think they are expected and appreciated. But they can be petite and beautiful and don’t have to be extravagant.  Girls, you can also give your man flowers or something from nature of a similar ilk (maybe a nice potted Chinese Happy Plant or some Coriander or Mint for the kitchen bench).
    • Jewelry is a great gift for your valentine, male or female.  Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings for the girls, cuff-links, necklaces, watches, chains for the boys. Jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank either.  Your partner won’t be expecting Harry Winston pearls or diamonds (unless you’re an A-list celeb or a princess).  There is no reason you can’t buy costume jewelry which is still very beautiful.  

What about some cheap ideas for valentines day?

You could try to be her (or his) servant for the evening!  Make a beautiful meal, serve wine, do the dishes, clean the apartment, give that foot massage we talked about earlier, make the bed (strewn with rose petals, again … we talked about that earlier too).  What could be cheaper?

Romantic ideas for Valentine day

What could be more romantic than proposing marriage on this day?  Think about this very carefully. Google  “Should I propose on Valentine’s Day” if you wish.  There are lots of psychological reasons why this could be the best or worst idea for you.  Put some time in to really understand whether this is a wise idea for you in your relationship.  If it IS right for you (both of you) and it doesn’t feel tacky or lame, then GO FOR IT.  If your relationship is one that thrives on celebrating the occasions, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to make your proposal.  And you’ll never forget the date, will you?

Inexpensive Valentine ideas

You can find cheap ideas for Valentines Day (but not cheesy, tacky or lame).

What about an amethyst ring for $35.00?  You can try searching on Amazon or Ebay (you’d better get cracking on this NOW so that you get your items in time for Valentine’s Day).  Jewelry is always a beautiful gift on a special day like 14 February.  Amazon has some amazingly inexpensive rings and necklaces (yes, they’re probably from China) that you’d think would retail in the price range of $150-$500.  The reviews on that ring are really good (that’s when it was selling for $149).


Remember Valentine’s Day is about your love for one another. Whether you end your Valentine’s Day in bed together or in a Church declaring your love before family and friends, I hope you take some of my suggestions as inspiration and make Valentine’s Day 2016 a truly special day together to celebrate your love for each other.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about getting laid, or keeping the little woman off your back for a week, it’s about showing the person in your heart that you care about them.

Have you got your Valentines Day Ideas organized yet? Check out our Get Organized page for some inspiration to help make your Valentines Day Plans for Him or Her and ensure you both have a truly special valentines day.

Check my List.ly list below for more great ideas for 2017 Special Valentines Day Ideas for Him or Her


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