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By | December 29, 2016

Lists can be a life saverOrganizational Goals

If you’re feeling disorganized, it can be debilitating.  A cluttered house or a busy life can make you feel overwhelmed to the point of stopping you from making progress on your goals.  If you don’t have a work/life balance either, you need to find some tips to organize your life.

At this time of year, many of us make New Year’s resolutions.  Most of these resolutions are kept for only a short time, primarily because we fail to make an action plan.  Don’t fall into that trap this year.  Set some organizational goals to help you to keep on track with your action plan.

Let me give you some New Year Resolutions Ideas for organizing your life.

1. Make a list of the things that suffer when you are really busy, like your relationships with friends and family, keeping the house clean and tidy, spending time on balancing your “life” and “work”, your finances, your health and your weight?

2. Break that list down.   Take a fresh piece of paper (or a tab on a spreadsheet or whatever tool you use) for each of the items you listed at step 1 above.  List each of the things that fall under the major topic.  For example, under “Finances”, you might list the things that are not under control as you’d like them to be:  credit card balances are too high, mortgage is being paid too slowly, tax return is still not done, you haven’t looked at your budget in months and you’re struggling to pay the next month’s bills.   My list would then look like this:

– Find the best low interest / balance transfer credit card on the market and apply

– Using a balance transfer credit card at 0%, work out how much I would need to pay each week to pay off the credit cards by a year from today.  Add that amount to my budget and see how it all works out.

– Having saved all that money on the interest payments on the credit card, start putting $50.00 per week onto the mortgage from 1/1/2014.

– Get out all the financial/tax paperwork on New Years Day (it’s a day off, after all) and sort it into piles.  Put the relevant papers into a filofax or divided filing box (even slipping the papers between the pages of an exercise book is ok.- Book an appointment with your tax accountant for mid January.  Do this on 2 January.

– Open up the budget spreadsheet (what budget spreadsheet, I hear you say?).  OK, this is a bigger task, you need to set aside a couple of hours for this one – CREATE a budget list or a spreadsheet.  You need to know all the things you’re spending money on.  You need to know where you’re wasting money and where you can cut back, in order to ensure everything is paid and there is still enough money left to live.   Sort out where you could make savings:  health insurance, gas, electricity, water, home and contents and car insurance can all be moved to another provider if you can get a better deal.  Mortgage and Credit Cards can also be moved (provided you don’t get hit with Exit-Fees).  At the end of this exercise you should know everything you spend your hard-earned on.


The above is just an example of ONE of the items I listed at item 1 above.  Keep working on this, and expand your list for each of the goals you listed at item 1.

3. Ensure these are SMART goals.  Make sure each of the items you’ve listed at Item 2 have:

– A start date
– Specific tasks
– A vision of what will be the end-result of doing these tasks
– Achievable and realistic tasks
– An end date – a goal by which you aim to really achieve.

4. Get organized.  Now the hard part.  How to fit all of this in to doing your day to day life!   Yes, I’m going to make you make more lists.   These lists are the most important.  Your DAILY and WEEKLY and MONTHLY to-do lists that will really help you to get your life under control.

Your “Control Journal” (thank you Marla) taught me a lot about creating a Control Journal.  This is your guide to what you need to do each Morning, Lunchtime, Breaktime, Evening, Night-Time (or whatever time periods you want to break your life up into).   A Control Journal is basically a book of lists!  You’ve realized by now that I love lists.   You’ll love them too, as long as you have your lists visible as a reminder of the tasks you need to do to achieve your goals.  Don’t ever forget that these lists are what you have to follow in order to get to your GOALS.


I have no hesitation in recommending the Flylady to you.   Please go ahead and check out her website.

I’ll be expanding on things here at A Year From Today, so come back and check here often for more New Year Resolutions Ideas.

Remember that resolutions (goals) don’t only get made at New Year!  You can make a resolution anytime.  Resolutions are, after all, just goals you want to achieve.

Daily To-Do Lists (under construction)

Weekly To-Do Lists (under construction)

Monthly To-Do Lists (under construction)


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