What are your Financial Goals?

By | October 1, 2012


The clock has struck midnight and you’ve hugged and kissed all around you. You’ve gone to bed and woken up, possibly feeling a little less than your best. Perhaps you feel that last night wasn’t your crowning moment and you have some work to do to change your ways and become a better you?

New Year’s Day dawns anew every year, with hangovers and regrets. But alongside those feelings can be some great plans to put aside all those “bad” things you’ve done in your past, and start making some plans to do a LOT better this year!

2014 holds lots of promise and you only need to have a few ideas of some goals to start seeing the wonderful things this year may reveal.

So, once you’ve had your third coffee and can feel slightly more sane, can you think about some New Year Resolutions Ideas in the area of your financial goals for the new year ahead? I know you need a clear head for this, because financial goal setting can be pretty complex and is a very important task which we all need to put some focus into.

OK, so here are some ideas:

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  1. Pay off all my credit cards by a year from today,starting with the littlest debt and moving on from that
  2. Make sure every Mortgage payment pays of just a bit more Principal and Interest on my mortgages than I have to.
  3. Start researching how to set up a Self Managed Super Fund, or how to best benefit from my super while I’m still young.
  4. Get out of debt – pay off everything I can.
  5. Get my budget completely documented.  I need to know where every cent is going!
  6. Learn how to watch the stock market and the futures market.  Being a day-trader is apparently a really lucrative way to make money, but I warn you that you NEED to be very well educated on this before you start.  Don’t fall for any of the “get rich quick” websites that tell you that you can make 20 trades in 15 minutes per day and earn $2000.00 per day!  If I want to get some great returns, the stock market is a great place to be for the long term.
  7. Keep on top of the investment property news.  Be well versed and well read and know what’s going on with property in my area.  Soon enough, with my debts paid off, I’ll be in a position to go into more debt and buy an investment property.  I want to be the expert at that time and I don’t want to be led blindly by some charlatan real estate mogul. (I speak from experience, when in my younger days I was led to buy two properties, both have been questionable, yet thankfully ok investments).
  8. Read as much as I can about ways to minimize debt and achieve my financial goals.
  9. Make an action plan towards making more money from sales of excellent products from my websites.

Here’s a few excellent products I’ve found that can help you learn about setting and achieving your own financial goals.

I recommend you set yourself a goal date of a year from today.  It doesn’t matter if today is New Year’s Day or the middle of March or Thanksgiving.  Set a time frame that you can have as a very clear target.

My friend Gary has a fantastic website that can give you lots of tips if you’re struggling to get rid of your debts. Please feel free to check out his great site at I hate Debt.

If Debt is one of your greater problems, heed Gary’s advice:

Many want to move forward to the plan before laying the foundation for change.  When doing any construction, it’s always important to keep the foundation in mind or your structure will tumble.  Any changes without the foundation, is just behavior modification.  Changing your behavior is good but it usually doesn’t last as you’re not acting in line with your core beliefs; you’re just working toward an outcome.  Start with the foundation.

Making Plans and Setting Goals for Your Brightest Future
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