My 100 Goals in 100 Days

By | July 21, 2017

Looking to my future - 100 goals in 100 days

I promised to keep adding to my 100 goals in 100 days, so this is the place where I’ll list them.

I’ve found it quite difficult to come up with BIG ideas. Maybe I have inadvertently limited myself because of my life so far. I’m pretty realistic about my life – it has been a bit mediocre. Maybe I need to challenge myself more to set bigger goals and reach them. It’s never too late to stop being mediocre.

So here goes:


100 Goals in 100 Days

    1. Set up some really good quality internet sites, with the virtual assistants and infrastructure in place for them to look after themselves and generate my passive income, all the while contributing to making the internet a better place for us all.
    2. Change the positions of furniture and storage in the house to try and make a space for me to do my scrapbooking, my computing AND have a dining table!
    3. Buy a bike and get out every day to explore this wonderful city.
    4. Pay down my mortgage and investment loan so that the rental income pays for the mortgage and I can use the capital growth my properties have achieved
    5. Buy more investment properties and set my children up for their best financial future.
    6. Build two properties where there is now one, and set myself and my family up in their first ever brand new home!
    7. Learn all I can about using real estate as a vehicle to financial freedom. I’ve had a lifelong love of houses, home improvements, architecture and styling – now I need to turn that into a job replacing income.
    8. Travel with my family and friends before I get too old or they don’t want to travel with me! Cruising is my favorite form of travel. Get myself and the kids on at least 2 cruises in the next 3 years.
    9. Start making a career for post retirement by offering Virtual Assistant services to others. I think I’m coming to the realization that I work best when I’m helping others.
    10. Get a massage at least once a month
      Get a massage at least once a month

      Get a massage at least once a month


    11. Be more frugal. Cut down my spending and teach my sons the importance of saving, not-spending, and investing wisely. I’ve really changed my spending habits in 2017 – I’ve only bought my lunch twice – on 7 January and 19 April. I intend to get through the rest of the year without ever buying a cafe lunch.
    12. Contribute back to society – to charities – to worthwhile causes – to helping others to achieve better things in their lives.  To be philanthropic and generous of myself. That’s not very specific is it. OK, set up a monthly donation to Assistance Dogs, (done) CBM Australia (done), Amnesty International (done), World Vision, sponsor child, RSPCA, Scope Victoria and the Heart Foundation.
    13. Find out how I can help to improve the issues that contribute to so many people being homeless here in my home city. Get involved with the right organisations to help find solutions to homelessness here.
    14. Tackle the biggest issues in my health head on: Get Laser Eye Surgery.
    15. Solve my blood clotting issues.
    16. Sadly, I think it will get to a point where I will have to have Neck Surgery.
    17. Find some Muscle Wastage solutions and Exercise routines. Improve my physical condition with diet, intermittent fasting, exercise and muscle training.
    18. Change my relationship with alcohol.
    19. Use my vacation club to take 4 holidays a year, explore this beautiful country first and then expand my horizons
    20. Visit Las Vegas, Florence, Tasmania, Cornwall, New Zealand, the Suez and Panama Canals, Antarctica, New York, the Maldives…
    21. Gift both my sons $1 a day from Mum for the first 21 years of their lives, including 2.5% interest, which weighs up to a tidy approx. $10k on their 21st birthdays. This sets them up with a great start, and also a great savings ethic.
    22. Stair-climbing every day, starting with 8-16 flights of stairs each time, preferably twice or more per day. Remember I’m still a full-time office worker, so I don’t have a lot of time for exercising while I’m at work.
    23. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    24. Walk up the Eureka Tower (89 floors)
    25. Do a half marathon
    26. Free myself from my J.O.B so that I have the time and energy to focus on my family and my goals. e.g. R.E.T.I.R.E.  Don’t get me wrong, I love working, but I really don’t want to spend too many more years working for a BOSS.
    27. Buy a bush or sea escape house in a sad condition, and kit it out with everything second hand; Found objects, op-shop finds, home made, re-purposed objects, furniture and storage, including a beautiful garden filled with unusual container gardens, masses of potted flower, trees that the birds have planted and a river. It must have a beach, a creek or a river.
    28. Learn how to identify crystaline rocks, how to cut and polish agate, opals, diamonds, rubies, emerald, sapphires, how to work with gemstones and turn them into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

      Go to Italy to immerse myself in the life of Michelangelo

      Go to Italy to immerse myself in the life of Michelangelo

    29. Go to Italy to immerse myself in the life of Michelangelo
    30. Learn how to use a metal detector and spend a season in the Western Australia desert in an RV, detecting gold and getting back to nature.
    31. Declutter everything! I am so sick of living with all this “stuff” (As calls it “Something That Undermines Family Fun”).. alot of it could go into that escape house in sad condition.
    32. Sell my investment wine in order to rid myself of credit card and personal debt.
    33. Get the equipment and knowledge to start making my own cheeses! And sell them at the local Farmers Markets
    34. Become a succulent grower and start building up a massive stock to sell at the local Farmers Market
    35. Kit the house out with a fantastic sound system and rekindle my love affair with music
    36. Get my youngest son into lessons for a musical instrument to build a lifelong love of music, entertaining
    37. Learn and do Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness
    38. Help my big son to find his direction in life
    39. Learn how to make better pinnable images for my blog
    40. Get out in my city taking wonderful photos
    41. Hook up with talented graffiti artists and get my concrete fence changed forever!
    42. Live in a house with lots of natural light
    43. Enjoy my garden like I used to years ago. Propagate plants from cuttings and seeds and fill my garden with colour and texture

      set up my garden for my enjoyment

      How can I envision my future a year from today?
      Living Intentionally
      Planning my future life – What will my life be like a year from today

    44. Prepare my blog post calendar a month in advance, EVERY MONTH
    45. Save all my $2.00 and $1.00 coins for the rest of my life. I’ve already started this, and got $1181.00 in the last 11.5 months, without even noticing it.
    46. Firm up my plans for the house I live in – Will I keep it and put an upstairs on, and subdivide to build another?  Or will I demolish and build 2?
    47. Learn how to blow glass and make incredible vases.
    48. Read a book every day – this is something I regret stopping.
    49. Go to Egypt and visit the Pyramids that I was obsessed with for my entire youth.
    50. Learn how to work with wood. I adore naturally shaped polished wood and would love to add quirky pieces to my decor, or even make pieces to sell, like footstools, coffee/occasional tables, shelving, dining tables, kitchen benches – but there must be no straight edges!
    51. Follow my Dad’s example and start living a life of de-cluttering. I’ve acknowledged that de-cluttering is a lifestyle choice and not a “thing you do” from time to time.
    52. Focus on finding my purpose and living intentionally.
    53. …. more than half way….. would I like to become an actor or racecar driver, climb Mount Everest or meet the Queen… yeah, nah.


I will keep coming back here and adding to this list as I firm up my 100 goals.


What does your 100 Goals in 100 Days look like?
Is it taking shape?
Have you got your bucket list started yet?
Let me know in the comments section.

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