Monday-itis for the Work From Home Entrepreneur

By | December 21, 2012

Monday-itis for the Work At Home Entrepreneur

We live in a society that dreads Mondays. For those in dead-end jobs and feeling a total absence of engagement, well, Monday mornings can be an unfortunate reminder that you aren’t optimizing your capacity at work. Fortunately, as a business owner, you decided to do something different – therefore, you have more flexibility to create the kind of work experiences that will certainly keep you engaged and fulfilled. And making a practice of pausing and checking in on your efficiency every Monday can be an important tool that will certainly assist you to improve your work performance.

Issue is, regardless of the flexibility that you have running your own service, many business owners experience the opposite. They are exhausted, overworked, and stretched thin from putting on lots of hats and doing what needs to be done to make money or create profits to keep business afloat. The absence of a manager, or the structure of forced “360” evaluations in a large company, means that for some growing businesses, those minutes of reflection on performance and work experience are infrequent – and potentially not occurring at all. For an extremely hectic entrepreneur, including something else to the order of business might sound tiring, however what is lost in not taking some time to concentrate on your efficiency?

For beginners, the quality of your thinking and output could be at risk, particularly if you are stressed and developing a threatening state of mind for yourself. The book Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing talks about a research study done with Princeton undergrads: “The scientists provided the students with a test of GRE questions. For half the students, the concerns were presented in a danger context – they were a test of the students’ ability, a judgment on whether they truly belonged at Princeton. The other students got the very same questions, however in a difficulty context. That test was titled ‘Intellectual Challenge Questionnaire,’ and the concerns were construed as brainteasers. No one was expected to address them all. In the risk context, the Princeton undergrads got 72 percent correct. In the challenge context, they got 90 percent correct.”.

The conclusion? A danger situation adversely affects your efficiency. It’s simple to go from challenge to risk when you are busy and attempting to satisfy your income objectives.

With that in mind, here are 5 questions you can start your week with, to assist you to take stock of what you’re doing, and ensure that you are bringing all you’ve got to your regular jobs. Not just will they help get you into a challenge frame of mind, but you can also double-check that you are concentrating your efforts on work that is stimulating and challenging you in a positive way.

1. Are you delighted to dive into the challenges that you have lined up for the week?

2. Are you looking forward to engaging with individuals you are meeting or dealing with?

3. Are you going to your dream job?

4. Are you being compensated properly for the value you bring to your job?

5. Do you feel energized, rested, and positive?

If the answer to more than three of these questions is “no” on a consistent basis, then it’s an indicator that you’re investing your time in ways that may not be serving you. While this might not be a problem in the short-term, with time you will see that your energy subsides and your interest for work ends up being absent.


I wish to live in a world where everybody is engaged, challenged, and investing their time doing work that serves not just the marketplace and the world – but also themselves. Don’t you?


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