Meet the Founder

Welcome to “A Year From Today”.

Why are you here ?    And why have I made this place?

Let’s start with Who Am I and why do I think I have something worthwhile to share with YOU.

My name is Sandi and I am pleased to welcome you to A Year From Today.

Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder


I want to ask you “How do you picture your life a year from today?” What about in Two years? Ten years?.   Your answer to this question is YOUR VISION.  But boy, do we struggle with trying to figure out exactly what our vision is.  I certainly do.  We have so many conflicting priorities, we barely find the time to pay the bills and get the kids to school in laundered and ironed clothes, with packed lunches and homework done.

How Do You Find Time To Plan Your Life?

How Can I Find Help To Plan My Future?


So.  With so little time on your hands struggling to do all of what a modern person has to do, what are you doing about making that vision of your future YOU, actually happen?

If you don’t have a plan for your future
.. If you don’t have help
.. .. If you don’t know how to get to your goals..



Perhaps you:
– want to lose weight
– want to improve your eyesight
– want to get rid of your pimples
– want to make money
– want to get rid of your debts
– want to retire
– want to learn a new language
– want to change career
– want to learn a new skill
– want to reconnect with your spirituality
– want to find some direction
– want to stop struggling for your next meal/paycheck
– want to be guided from day to day, moment to moment.

Sometimes we need help with planning and goal setting.  Other times we need help with envisioning our futures.  Perhaps you need help with creating a plan for your future.  Life may just be too busy for you to take some time to map out your future.  Goodness knows, I’ve been in that position.


Life Coaching is a bit of a buzz word recently, with many trying to make a living helping other people to learn how to live their lives to the fullest.  I’m not a life coach, but I do want to help you to learn how to live your life to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy the array of information I’ll be bringing you…. everything from goal setting to weight loss to making money, to loving your kids/family/husband/wife/pets or even your deity better.  I’m seeking out the best the internet has to offer and sharing all of my research with you here.

What will the future holdIf you want to know more about the website which taught me how to create this place for you, please check out Wealthy Affiliate.  The training they have given me has been exemplary, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to you.  The training is free and you can get your own TWO websites.  If you want to try and supplement your income, and make a website that means something to you and helps others, please check them out.


Please check this out. I have personally tried this method to generate an online income and so far I have had great success. Or if you just want to learn how to make money online (doesn’t everyone?), click here so I can bring you the freshest tools to start your internet marketing career.

1000 a day

For more inspiration on setting your goals and making plans, check out the links below


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6 thoughts on “Meet the Founder

  1. Lawrence

    This website is right up my street Sandi!
    When I first came onto the site I knew I would be making regular visits 🙂

  2. Dennis

    I am just a beginner and from what I see, you have an excellent website. I would not add anything at this time. Of course you have ideas that you will continue to add or change things around. A great website and one that I will try and follow up on for ideas of my own. Thanks, Dennis

  3. Richard

    Hi Sandi, I love the way your site is set out, very well organized and definitely the kind of site I like to hang out at. I wish you continued success with everything you do here at ‘A Year From Today’

  4. mike lambert

    Hi Sandi, beautiful site, great content. I enjoyed reading many of the posts on your site, keep up the great work. I will be back on a regular basis to check out your new content. Maybe I could write something for you one day, cheers Mike.

  5. Michael

    Nice design on your Website with allot of useful information many people can use.

  6. Walt Deal

    Hi Sandi
    This is a great site for dreamers and it looks like you have put a lot of work and research into your site I am sure that will pay off


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