It only takes 6 seconds to change your life for the better

By | January 3, 2017

6 Seconds to Change your life

In 6 seconds you can kiss someone like you mean it.

In 6 seconds you can hold open a door.

In 6 seconds you can wait for a little straggler to catch up. “I’ll wait for you,” you can even say.



In 6 seconds you can take a deep breath.

In 6 seconds you can let it go. “It’s not worth it,” you can say.

In 6 seconds you can tuck a note in a lunch box or in a pocket. It takes 2 seconds to draw a heart.



In 6 seconds you can say you’re sorry.

In 6 seconds you can cut yourself some slack.

In 6 seconds you can throw away that picture, that pair of pants, that inner bully that keeps you from loving this day, this you.



In 6 seconds you can feel the sunshine.

In 6 seconds you decide it’s time to stop looking back.

In 6 seconds you can whisper, “It’s gonna be okay,” to yourself or someone who’s scared.



I used to sound like a broken record. “I don’t have time,” I’d always say. But then I realized what could happen in a mere 6 seconds.

It’s enough to make a bad day good …
It’s enough to bring life back to your weary bones …
It’s enough to remember what really matters in the midst of so much that doesn’t.



This first appeared on by Rachel Macy Stafford



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