Interview with Zig Ziglar on Attitude and Achieving Your Goals

By | August 23, 2011

Have you heard of the legendary Zig Ziglar?

Here is an interview with Zig Ziglar on Setting and Achieving your Goals and the importance of Attitude, in which he talks about how your attitude shapes the results you achieve in your life.

Perhaps you’ve noticed in your own life, that when you’re down, you drag down everyone around you? And when you’re up, people come along for the ride? Zig explains all about the cause and effect of your attitude.

You might ask why Zig Ziglar is so legendary – in fact, you may never have heard of him. If you have read widely in the area of goal setting, motivation, character, productivity, sales, marketing, performance and self improvement, you must have come across his name.

Zig Ziglar was an authority on these subjects for longer than most. He died November 28, 2012, having live an amazing life in his 86 years. His Facebook page has more than 1.5 million likes! So if you haven’t heard of him you must have been hiding under a rock! He certainly did some things well. He was a terrific motivational speaker and wrote dozens (32) of books on Success and self improvement, Personal Development, Corporate Training, Selling and Marketing, Productivity and Happiness.

In this interview Ziglar talks about attitude and how it impinges upon your performance and motivation. He describes the best way to the achievement of your goals in clear and simple terms…

– Do the things you need to do every day to get to your ‘destination’ (your goal) and you WILL get there.

– Motivation is what gets you going. Habit is what gets you there.

But you need determination, hope, encouragement and the many other skills to help you achieve the things you want. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to teach people things that are not generally taught in formal education, like:

– How to stay motivated
– How to build a winning relationship
– How to foster the right attitude


A lot of good information.

Some great ideas Mr. Ziglar suggests to improve your self are:
– Read 3 hours a day
– Read the bible and the paper
– Have an attitude of gratitude – the healthiest of all human emotions.
– Don’t complain – Complaining only leads to more problems.
– Don’t speak till you validate what you’re saying.
– Be grateful for everything you have – Gratitude is how you get good things out of life! The more you have that money won’t buy, the happier you’ll be.

The choice to have a great attitude is something that nobody or no circumstance can take from you.

-Zig Ziglar

But how do you be grateful in hard times?

Persistence. What you send out is what you will receive in return. Say Good Morning when it isn’t.
Attitude isn’t dependent on circumstance. You are the one who forms your attitude. Only you can choose how you behave and how you respond to the external stimuli in your world.


Visit Zig’s site

He’s really is quite amazing – I’ve just watched the interview again and am in awe of the way he makes it all sound so simple. Zig breaks down his attitude training into memorable simple quotes that are catchy and easy to remember.

He uses anecdotes to explain his theories. Stories he uses such as:
– When you behave like you’re in a pity party, no-one turns up.

– The food you grow in the valley is what you’ll eat on the mountain top.

– Complain about the problems, the problems increase. But when we look for the opportunities, opportunities increase.

This is why you must respond to the challenge and face life with a good attitude.

The interview is very long, the meaty stuff really starts after about 20:45. He talks about how people got wealthy in the depression. Or even in their own depression.

Optimism is an important attitude to foster in times of financial depression or personal depression. Adopt an attitude of half .. the glass is half full.  Respond to all situations with exuberance. Look for opportunity, knock on doors.

Humans are designed for accomplishment and endowed with the seeds of greatness. It is our attitude, our habits and our optimism that can help us to achieve that greatness…

So, what habits can you start that will help you to achieve your greatness?

– listening to motivational ‘stuff’ is great for you. Get a education in your headset.

– learn how to be taught.

– always on the grow!

– you can get new knowlede in your car

– half the world’s people are pessimists

So, if half the world’s people are pessimists, how can you change and get out of your down in the dumps?


Don’t be a fault finder, be a good finder!


When you change yourself in one area of your life you change our attitude, it affects all areas of your life and your relationships.

A lot of good information. Thanks Zig.

Have you learnt anything from Zig Ziglar’s extraordinary life from this interview? If you have a take-out from reading this and watching the video, or from any of Zig’s books and training, please take the time so share it below. We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment or drop a link if you have something great to share about Attitude and Setting and Achieving your Goals.

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Zig Ziglar on Attitude and Achieving Your Goals

  1. Sue

    I can’t believe you posted this. I watched this interview yesterday on youtube and today I was looking for information on the today show and I got to your website and found this! spooky!

  2. laura

    This is good info. But we have to dig deeper than these phrases to really understand ourselves
    Thank you

  3. Ainura

    i must have been under a rock cause i haven’t heard of him )) but i agree, great ideas. not much new but valuable. yes, complaining is the worst. you should be always grateful for everything you have, that’s true. optimism and positive thinking is the key.
    i don’t really agree about the bible bit but that’s just a personal choice.

    1. admin

      You know Ainura, I’m not really a bible person either, but I think it’s a personal choice. I’m really making an effort to be more grateful every day. Cheers..Sandi

  4. Cathy

    I have certainly been hiding under the rock! Have seen him around but didn’t know he’s that big, old and wise. We all have hard times and listening to the right voice (of hope) can either bring us up or sink us down. This article is what I need to keep moving forward in whatever that I am doing now. Giving up is not an option. Thank you Sandi.

    1. Sandi

      Hay Cathy, thanks for popping in. Prior to writing this article I didn’t know he’d died, so you’re not the only one who didn’t know he’s that big, old and wise. Please keep your great attitude and keep moving forward. Cheers Sandi


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