How To Really Put Your Training Notes To Work

By | January 8, 2017

As a non-university-attending-adult, I like to keep up with “The Joneses”, and learn different and new things all the time.

From time to time I will attend a training course or a lecture, seminar or webinar. I’ve taken part in a webinar or two this week, and I took copious notes.  I’ve always been a written note-taker. And whilst I get a lot out of my courses, I don’t really use the notes I’ve taken. I have a really good memory and I think I can rely on it most of the time, to remember the gist of the training.


I have hundreds of pages of written notes, seemingly going to waste in their spiral notebooks. I wish I knew something to do with them. After all, I put my heart and soul into the seminar I attended, the lecture that Emeritus Professor gave, the Webinar that Internet Marketer hosted. If I’m not going to re-read them, maybe someone else can make use of them.

Do you take written notes when you attend courses too?

What do you do with all the notes you take at a seminar or when following along with a video training program or a webinar or Youtube training?

You go to a lecture and write copious notes, in an attempt to solidify your recollection of what was taught – but what do you do with them afterwards?

How to Put Your Notes To Work?

It occurred to me today, that I’m writing page after page of notes right now, because I’m going through a new training program for making something BIG finally happen to my internet marketing “career”.

Use Your Training Notes for Blog Posts

OK, so you’re learning Dental Hygiene; do you have a blog about Dental Hygiene? Or maybe a blog about your University Life? I wonder if you could use the notes you take to create blog posts.

Did you doodle in the margin while you took notes? Maybe you could write a blog post about what you were thinking about when you were doodling?

Perhaps the training program was about how to make cheese, and you have a recipe blog or a house keeping and organisation blog. Use your notes to help other people.

Remember, your blog should always be about helping others (and at the same time, you’re helping yourself).How to put your training notes to work for your blog

How Can Helping Others With My Training Program Notes Help ME?

As I mentioned earlier, the reasons you take notes in seminars, lectures and training programs is to solidify your recollection of what was taught.

If you type it all out again into a blog post, you’re even further solidifying that recollection! You’re making the material STICK in your memory, all the while helping others to learn what you’ve learnt.

And I hope that when you blog this material, you’re also researching on the web to find what other people have said about the same subject. For instance, xxxx has some ideas also about how you use the things you’re invested in, training, programs, software etc, to make blog posts that lead your readers to information they want and are desperate to read.

Do you take notes of the training that you attend? Can you think of ways you can use these notes to help others? Let me know in the comments.

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