Do something today that your future self will thank you for

By | October 25, 2016

Do Something Today

I came across this quote today, on another marketers blog. His quote image was tiny, and my first thought was to comment on his blog, giving him advice that his image wasn’t really worthy of being pinned, because it was so small. After all, if you want to drive free traffic to your blog, you absolutely must have pinnable images.

Now, there’s my first mistake: judging others against a  particular standard, the standard of an Internet Marketer and SEO’er. Tut Tut.  Did you notice my “pinnable image”?  It’s a bit of a joke really. And certainly not worthy of being pinned. Who am I to judge his page, when I’m as guilty too. In truth, his quotes are very good, inspirational and uplifting, just too small. Sadly I doubt my comment would have done anything, as his is one of the millions of abandoned websites on the internet. But I digress.

Do something


that your future self

will thank you for.


Then I read the quote properly and it hit me that this sentence is EXACTLY what “A Year From Today” is all about.

I want this website to inspire others (and myself) to do things now that are going to step them towards a different life in a year from today (or a month, 6 months, 5 years, whatever period you feel is realistic). I want to help you and inspire myself (and keep myself accountable) to make differences in your life today, that are going to pay out in your future, whether it be tomorrow, next week, next year or next decade.


Take baby steps

if you need to,

apply consistency

and you will see


Just take imperfect actions.  It never has to be perfect. Perfection is one of the things that stops us from doing anything. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be action. You must do something every day to work on achieving your goals. You could even try doing just 5 things.


Take Imperfect Actions


What ever it is that you want to change or improve, you only need to START doing something today, to work towards that goal.

Just start.

You might be asking me now “How do I start when I’m feeling so overwhelmed by the sheer size of the task ahead of me, the learning curve”?

Did you ever meet a doctor who walked straight into his job, off the street, with no education and no training? No, of course not. The learning curve is something you have to undertake. It doesn’t matter if it takes six weeks or six years of training or learning, that’s just something you have to go through. Six weeks is such a short period of your life.

My future self is not “I”
— she is a totally separate being.
She is completely different to who I am in this moment.
But she will be the one to clean up the mess of the
reckless choices I make now, today,
tomorrow and the days to come.
Whisper Your Words of Wonder

I have a favorite show on the LifeStyle Channel, where the Scott Brothers find and renovate a home for a couple – typically, the couple is freaking out over the idea of spending 6 weeks of their life renovating? SIX weeks. In the scheme of things, six weeks is nothing. And look what they get on the other side of that six weeks!! The home of their dreams!

So start by knowing exactly what you have to do to get toward your goal.

This is your strategy.

Write it down.

Write every single thing you know you need to do, such as:  “I need to learn how to do x, y and z”, then “I will apply that knowledge to do a, b and c”.  One of the things on my strategy is to master pinnable images, do the research and get the right product/tools, then to really boost my website traffic for free. I have noticed that every time I pin my posts I get a 5 fold increase in page views.

The more you work on defining your strategy, the faster you’ll progress.

The more you work at your strategy, the faster you’ll move towards your goal.

But remember, your strategy is not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

Now, if you want to be successful, you have to truly WANT to be successful. You need to want it like you want to breathe if you’re being held underwater. And you need to work at it like it’s the most important thing in your life. If you find it hard to accept these statements, let me recommend you watch this excellent video. It’s tremendously motivational.

Don’t be one of the people who look back on their life and say “If I had one thing to say to younger me, it would be….(insert self-deprecating comment, filled with sadness and regret)”.


What are your goals?  

Do you have a strategy?  

Are you doing something TODAY to move you towards that GOAL?  

Let me know in the comments.

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