Do I have ADD – ADHD Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder – Predominantly Inattentive?

By | July 14, 2011

portrait-317041_640Do I have ADD – ADHD Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder – Predominantly Inattentive?

Probably YES.

My sons do. My Nephew does.

But it’s not a life sentence and there are lots of ways to deal with it.

And really, who cares?

Still, I’ll give you some fantastic advice, thanks to Let’s look at recommended ways to work with your ADD/ADHD:

Exercise and eat right. Exercise vigorously and regularly—it helps work off excess energy and aggression in a positive way and soothes and calms the body. Eat a wide variety of healthy foods and limit sugary foods in order to even out mood swings.
Get plenty of sleep. When you’re tired, it’s even more difficult to focus, manage stress, stay productive, and keep on top of your responsibilities. Support yourself by getting between 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Practice better time management. Set deadlines for everything, even for seemingly small tasks. Use timers (the Pomodoro Technique) and alarms to stay on track. Take breaks at regular intervals. Avoid piles of paperwork or procrastination by dealing with each item as it comes in. Prioritize time-sensitive tasks and write down every assignment, message, or important thought.
Work on your relationships. Schedule activities with friends and keep your engagements. Be vigilant in conversation: listen when others are speaking and try not to speak too quickly yourself. Cultivate relationships with people who are sympathetic and understanding of your struggles with ADD/ADHD.

Create a supportive work environment. Make frequent use of lists, color-coding, reminders, notes-to-self, rituals, and files. If possible, choose work that motivates and interests you. Notice how and when you work best and apply these conditions to your working environment as best you can. It can help to team up with less creative, more organized people—a partnership that can be mutually beneficial.
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One thought on “Do I have ADD – ADHD Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder – Predominantly Inattentive?

  1. Elly Bontecou

    This may be of interest to you. We are using a neurofeedback brain training program called playattention with out tyke with outstanding progress. We always felt that something was not connecting in his little brain causing it to misfire which we believed then to the ADHD behavior and I think we were right. Using this program he has become focused, attentive and calm allowing him to do his homework, communicate with us and make friends. We also can see when this is happening right on the screen. We realized that he is learning to rewire his brain and we are a much happier family for it. Hope this was helpful to other readers. CHEERS!


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