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6 Ways to Get the Kids Outside This Summer

Summer is a marvelous time of year. It’s a great time for outdoor fun with your children. Get the kids off the computer, away from the TV or Nintendo and get them and yourself out in the sun. But the days are long and your ideas might be few and far between.  Let me give […]

5 Movies From Your Childhood To Share With Your Kids

My sister posted a present to her nephew (my son) which arrived the other day. Sure, it was exciting getting a present, but the cover of the DVD didn’t excite him. It was an old fashioned (just OLD) movie. One from Mummy’s childhood. Brand new movies are great! It’s so much fun standing in line […]

My Son’s ADHD Journey Success So Far

Sometimes bloggers get a little bit off track and blogs (being blogs) get off-topic.  This is a bit off topic to my normal blog posts, but it’s important to me and may also be of interest to some of you. So it’s the first of June. I can’t believe how much time seems to have […]

Delegate Chores and Motivate Your Family to Do More

Delegate Chores and Motivate Your Family to Do More By Kristen Wint Many moms find it hard to delegate chores to their children and spouses, as they often feel like they only have so many hours to spend with their families and don’t want to waste precious time bickering about who is doing what. The […]

The Best Ways to Manage Stress During The Holiday Season

I’ll start with a question. What do you psychologically connect with the words Christmas Holidays? Is it happiness, spirituality, gratitude, replenishment and enjoyment. Preferably your answer to that will be yes. But, I know that for many families the tensions and strains of Christmas can take their toll and I understand how essential vacation anxiety […]

Maintaining Healthy Friendships – Online

What is a “Healthy Friendship” anyway? Sometimes – often-times, you’ll find yourself thinking about your friends.  About your friend list.  Online friends have become pretty important in today’s world.   I have a ridiculous number of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn “Friends”.  I really get a lot of value from these “friends”.  But sometimes I get […]