10 Tips To Make Today More Meaningful

By | April 14, 2017

10 Tips to make today more meaningful

I joined a new subscription website this morning. It’s a bit like Quora. You select topics you’re interested in, you follow a few
people and they fill your news feed with interesting stuff from other people.

Why would I need another news feed, you may ask? Don’t I get enough email notifications already?

They say that you should read more. Reading gives you wisdom, expands your horizons, makes your life more meaningful. So in the spirit of making my life more meaningful, I subscribed. I need inspiration for my life and for my blog. Blogging can be hard sometimes, trying to come up with new material frequently. Setting aside the time to blog is my most difficult issue – but I digress.

My new news feed brought me the following inspiration this morning.

10 Ways to Make Your Day More Meaningful.

These are tried and tested – you’ve probably heard most of them before. But I like to bring them altogether for you in one round-up post, so here goes. Now these are in no particular order, nor are they a list of what you must do everyday. These things, interspersed into your day, will help you to lead a more fulfilled life. Don’t forget, none of us knows how much more life we have. Don’t waste a single day of yours.

Is your life that
taken for granted
that you’re okay
wasting a day of it,
possibly your last day?

Do you want to die
with thoughts of regret
about what you didn’t do?

Do you want to know you
lived your life
to the fullest
even if you don’t get to live
a statistically full life?

10 Solid Pieces of Good Advice!

  1. Wake up early. At least half an hour earlier than you are getting up now. Get outside and enjoy the sunrise. Relish the quiet, slow pace of the early morning. Use this time for mindfulness, to meditate, pray, reflect, write, exercise, etc.
  2. Prioritize. Remember to do the most important things to you and your family first. Don’t get bogged down with all of the things that call for your immediate attention. (Like writing my next blog post).
  3. Read books that answer your deepest questions. Read plenty and often. It doesn’t have to be just books, though. Articles on Quora and Medium or any other website that gathers great thinkers and writers can be just as motivating and inspirational as a 300 page novel.
  4. Eat your food more slowly and actually enjoy it instead of just treating it like fuel. Don’t watch the news and play with your phone while eating. Just eat. A piece of advice I should follow – I am appalling at actually making the effort to eat!
  5. Go for a walk and enjoy nature. Sit in a park and watch and listen to the birds. Go to the beach, especially in Winter, and listen to the waves crashing against the shore. Really smell the roses.

    Smell The Roses

  6. Watch something funny. Not just something mildly funny, like the average sitcom. But your favorite episode of your favorite comedy, your favorite late night comedy sketch, or something else that will make you laugh until your eyes water. Have a damn good belly laugh every day. Share it with a friend if you can. Laugh till you’re both rolling on the floor! Go to damnyouautocorrect.com and laugh till you cry.
  7. Begin a project or hobby you’ve been wanting to start, but have been putting off. Take the first step. Then take another.
  8. Spend time with the people most important to you, not just the activities most important to you.
  9. Do one thing at a time. Whatever is most important to do right now, do it. Let everything else wait. Don’t even think about the next thing. Multi-tasking gets things done, but not done as well, and not done as meaningfully.
  10. Help others. Get out in your community with your family and friends and do something to help others who may not be as fortunate as you are. Then, be mindful of the good you have done for others and the good you will continue to do, in your work and in your personal life. Pay it Forward and Karma will look after you.

    10 Tips to Make Today More Meaningful

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