Is Internet Marketing a Workable Means to Make Money Online?

By | May 3, 2012
Don't believe it

Don’t get sucked in


Could Internet Marketing really be a workable means to make money online?

If Internet Marketing doesn’t make money, why are so many hundreds of thousands of people around the world trying to make money online?

Is it the tantalizing hope that “if he can make money online, so can I”? Is it the irresistible polished marketing campaigns of the internet ‘gurus’ with their products and launches that claim to help you make “automated money”, “7 figures”, “push button incomes”?

If you haven’t struck these ‘gurus’, try a google search for Black Hat or Warrior Forum and scan through their forums. A few hours spent on these sites will give you a good feel for what they are all about. After a few days, you’ll come to know who are the trusted few, those who are really trying to “give back” and help the community, and you’ll also get a feel for the desperation of the newbies who are hoping they haven’t been tricked into some sorcerer’s den.

Then there are those who’ve been around for a long time and still not made any money. They post sentences like “prove that this works” or “what evidence can you show that you really make money online?”. You can hear the anger and resentment in their posts. These are the people who:

– may have fallen victim to the less than reputable marketer (read “snake-oil salesman”) who has peddled some low quality product that didn’t work

– have gone after the next “shiny-object”, flitting from one purchase to the next, hoping to hit the jackpot, without ever putting into action the plans the first object was trying to teach.

These sites are also teeming with people who believe they’re in the right place to strike it rich. Like moths to a flame.treasure-160004_640

The “guru’s” products’ sell by the hundreds to thousands at every launch. Some of the products are good, heck, paying $5 – $7 for a 65 page description of how to do something clever related to internet marketing, written by someone who truly wants to help people, IS very good value – you could pick up some great stuff for your $7. The product owner, if they’ve been around for a while and got a following and a reputation, may pick up 1000+ sales in their first few days! Not bad for one product launch.

But do you think they got that following and reputation by buying a $27 push-button software last week? No. They started a few to many years ago, got some good advice, read widely, hooked up and networked with some clever people, worked really hard and provided some great help and assistance on the internet. They started to pay it forward before they made a dime. They provided great quality on their websites and around the internet. They had the mindset of a helper and went out of their way to pass on great advice, create excellent products and team up with reputable people.

Then they started to make money – they re-invested it in their business. Every product they issued, they invested heavily in development and marketing. This journey took them many months to years, but the underlying work ethic was always there. They worked hard. They wanted to help others. Only by helping others can you truly help yourself.

“What is hard work? It takes strength, energy, and stress to truly care about others enough to place oneself last, but it is easy to wrap oneself up and selfishly scramble on the heads of others.”
― Criss Jami

That’s right. Hard Work.

If you read a claim that you’re going to make $1547.90 in one day, on a push button software product, chances are you won’t. Let me explain why the gurus can make such statements and sleep soundly at night. Sure it sounds too good to be true, but it would be unethical for the marketer of that product to make such a statement if it weren’t true. (I know what you’re thinking… “haven’t you ever heard of an unethical marketer, Sandi?”). So did one of their customers truly make $1547.90? I have no doubt that YES, one of their customers did.

So, why can’t I make that kind of money right now?

The reason why you and I can’t make that money on the first day after purchasing the product is because you and I are not as seasoned as the customer who bought the product and produced those results. You see, the guru sold the product to another guru, someone who already had a massive following, a reputation, and an email list. The guru who bought the product simply mailed his massive email list and, as an affiliate for the new product, made masses of affiliate sales on the launch date. His testimonial stating that he made $1547.90 in one day was then used by the product owner to make all the banners and graphics and sales collateral that he uses today. The audacious claim was true.

But can you and I do the same? Yes. One Day.

There is a process that you need to work through in order to become a trusted internet authority in your niche. Only if you have “authority” in your “niche”, will people come to your website and buy from you. How do you build that authority? Bit by bit. Page by Page, Article by Article – by giving your readers something that will help them. It takes hard work to become a trusted authority in your niche.

So what is the process?  How do you learn how to become a trusted authority in your area of interest (or “niche”).  Do you have to go to university to learn how to do Internet Marketing?  My answer is YES.  But not the university you’re thinking.

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PS: You'll notice I show a graphic from Google Sniper above. This post is not about Google Sniper.  I do not intend to credit or discredit Google Sniper or its creator/s. I have no doubt that Google Sniper has made its owner and many purchasers a great deal of money.  It is the Number 1 "gravity" e-business/e-marketing product on Clickbank and has been on the market for many years. But I don't suggest you go out and buy it, and the image above is not a link.


4 thoughts on “Is Internet Marketing a Workable Means to Make Money Online?

  1. Rob

    Quite right, Sandi! Success comes to those who go and get it and take action. Nothing worthwhile comes without a certain amount of effort.

  2. Doug Boedecker

    Hi great post. I’m just starting and I think your message, loud and clear, is to be active and actively help others. I liked the “don’t get sucked in graphic”

    1. Sandi

      Hi Doug, thanks for your take on the article. You’ve summed it up nicely “be active and actively help others”. Nice job. Thanks.

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