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Why New Years Resolutions Fail – And Why Establishing Implementation Intentions Works

Why Did Your New Years Resolutions Fail Last Year? Here we go again. New Year, New You? Did you make a New Years Resolution last January 1st? Are you wondering why did your new years resolutions fail last year? Even with the best intentions and dogged will-power and goal-setting, it’s likely you didn’t stick to […]

If you were to look back at your actions today, what would you have changed?

A Year From Today, “if you were to look back at your actions today, what would you have changed? Do that.” (paraphrasing Craig Ballantyne). Craig has a wonderful philosophy by which he lives his life and works his business. His most successful clients in his weight-loss program had a very powerful set of personal rules […]

Fear of Failure – Fear of Rejection – What’s Stopping You Achieving Your Big Dreams?

“Here it comes”, writes Mark Hermann in his excellent blog, “That four letter F word…(cue the scary music).. Fear. More specifically, the fear of rejection.” I’ll take this a bit further and purport it is the fear of failure that stops us from achieving our dreams. Mark’s post is an open letter to all the bloggers […]

Famous Quotes about Goal Setting, Self Improvement and Achieving your Ambitions

Sometimes an inspirational quote is all you need to motivate you to work harder to achieve your ambitions. This is a crowd-sourced list of the most inspirational quotes about self improvement. When you find a quote that is meaningful to you, write it down or print it out and stick it on the wall. An […]

Interview with Zig Ziglar on Attitude and Achieving Your Goals

Have you heard of the legendary Zig Ziglar? Here is an interview with Zig Ziglar on Setting and Achieving your Goals and the importance of Attitude, in which he talks about how your attitude shapes the results you achieve in your life. Perhaps you’ve noticed in your own life, that when you’re down, you drag […]