Advantages and Disadvantages of Setting Goals |Will You Be Successful in 2017?

By | January 4, 2017


Will You Be Successful in 2017?
By Elizabeth D Fanslow

Successful people set goals. They set goals and plan their lives based on their goals. I remember at the age of 22 setting an internal goal to be in management. When I was promoted to Assistant Vice President at 28 years old I made another goal. That goal was to one day be the President of a company. I reached that goal and now I work for myself doing something that am passionate about and something that fulfills me.

So what about you? Do you make goals for your business? Do you make financial goals? How about health goals? You can even make community goals; how much time do you want to donate to your community annually? Or even education goals. You decide you want to get your degree. You have to have plans and goals in order to accomplish the things you dream of for your life.

Business Goal Setting

As a business owner, how much time do you put into planning out your goals for the New Year? We get up and go to work every day and focus on the day-to-day of our business. Setting goals for your business gives you long term vision and allows you to focus on creating short term tasks to reach those goals. It’s what separates the strong from the mediocre. The same goes for our personal goals.

Personal Goal Setting

I have worked with many individuals when it comes to personal goal setting. What I see mostly are smart people wandering aimlessly through life. They take what life gives them each day without rhyme or reason. Would you take off on a journey hundreds of miles from home without making some plans about your finances, your job, or your family? Of course you wouldn’t. You would make sure that you sufficient finances to get you there, feed you while you away and get you home.

You would also make sure that the appropriate attention was placed on your job or business while you were away, and you would make sure that your family is taken care of… so why would you go through life without making those same plans?

How Important Are Goals?

If you were to ask me that question I would tell you that they have been very important to me. Without goals I would never have accomplished the things I set out to do. I knew back in 2008 that I wanted to write and publish a book. Now in 2013, my goal has been reached. My books will be delivered to my office before Christmas!

I didn’t just make a long term goal to write and publish a book. I created short term goals to help me reach my main goal. For instance, I knew that I needed a few more years as a leader to really work through my systems before I wrote about them. I also knew that I needed to interact with more people in order to share my stories. While I had the base of my goal I had to plan through all the aspects of obtaining that goal.

I set goals in every aspect of my life because without them I really would never accomplish anything. When we are young we feel like we have our whole life ahead of us and we have plenty of time to do the things we dream about. But before we know it you will be 50-years old and not accomplished anything you wanted to.

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